the content of this character has graphic wording that may make readers uncomfortable.

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full name June
nickname n/a
age 14
sex female
species Welsh lamb/golden tiger
job caretaker

she was created by one being from the Temple. she served to replace her mother as keeper of Sector 2, Furiyama District. she remembers neither when she was born, or her mother, but she knows her veins throb with the essence of her surrounding work, her skin darkens as she toils in the sun, twisting her fingers into the sharp blades of weeds, vines. the scars unfufilling, but needed. on one searing day, her friend fainted, writhing as she dreamed of jaded fire tearing through the forest. she didn't survive the dream, keeling on the edge of the highway, her hand outstretched towards the Temple. her Creator never stirred the clouds, whipped the trees, split the concrete in her friend's favor, nor did they attempt to stop her Sector from rotting away, the undergrowth dusting at her feet. her eyes brightened, she tied back her hair, trimmed her wool, exposing her dark skin, one unlike the perfect Creation she was to be. the Temple is in her sights.

identifies herself as an "ESFJ-A". please read link for more information. unlike the previous subject, this subject is open and friendly, and is especially loyal to the her quite intimidating "friends," Ivyra and Rot when observed in a natural setting, she often talks to plants, possibly to keep her company; when confronted about the unusual habit, she defers to saying "it's to keep the plants company." she enjoys keeping to an organized schedule; she often proposes her own schedule and doesn't enjoy being given one by her observers. she intensely dislikes any situation that delays an item on her schedule. as she enjoys taking charge of her own schedule, so she enjoys taking charge in any situation that arises, even if she doesn't have the experience to solve the problem, or if her intervening is desperately unneeded. she typically forces her way into these situations. despite being headstrong, she would listen to anyone and provide input; she often refers to herself as an "emotional punching bag; i don't stay down, but i recoil, push back in order to make sense of these [redacted]." she allows the experiment volunteers to "vent" their frustrations. she also recommends remedies for such frustrations, but they usually consist of repugnant mixtures of herbs and nature-esqe objects. it is unknown as to whether these remedies are successful cures, but it does paint her in a better light. she is open to starting or joining conversations surrounding her; she enjoys learning new topics and opinions. although she seems open and welcoming, she would not confront her own emotions in front of other people, seeing it as an obstacle in the way of her work. having said this, she hates making a mistake and often blames herself for committing one, whether if it's failing to water several plants or exposing too much about how she feels about working; neither cases have been monitored as of yet. she peculiarly dislikes overcast weather and refuses to share why. her shortcomings can be seen in her defending toxic relationships with the volunteers as well as being quite manipulative when introduced to new ones, convincing them to commit to bad decisions; in other words, she takes as much as she recieves. the origins of this behavior are unknown.