[003] 8/13/19

i'm starting to feel bad for myself again haha.. this journal might become a crutch again like it did when i still had school, the only place i can talk freely without people really listening. i mean, what sick fuck writes what i write? fuck summer, school's starting. no i don't mean that.. i just wish i could get some shit straight in my head, like what i want to do with the stories i have. this might be long now so i'll stop..

[002] 8/12/19

i'm so tired... i should sleep it's so fucking late. wish people would want my art, or give me new characters, cause i.. y'know.. i'll feel validated. like people know i'm here and they want something from me.. who the hell am i talking to?

[001] 8/2/19

i think evangelion is fucking with me and my head. it's so overwhelming !!!!! everything changed up !!!! but i'm still interested !!!!